GPL Setup Guide
The Utilities I Use


The Tools That I Use

I would just like to thank everyone who is involved in the development of these tools for allowing me host them here so that I can provide you with a one stop shop for these tools

Tyre Temps Utility

This utility was designed by Bas Van Meurs of the Tleague. I was privaleged to be able to make some small contributions while Bas developed the program.

It will generate a bmp file showing the temperatures of each tyre. The file gives you a lap by lap temperature chart and the average temperature for each section of each tyre.

I have found this very usefull for getting the camber angles at their optimum.

There are 3 zip files in the download.

1 GPL tyre temps utility (works with Windows XP)

2 GPL tyre temps utility Win 95 98 (works with Windows 95 and 98)

3 Camber Batch files (Batch files to have the utility start up when using GEM) * The batch files have now been updated for the 69 Mod

Download Here

Batch files only here

View the orginal release thread at RSC here

Setup Assistant 65

This utility was designed by Marko Rasanen and Mark Stone.

For me this utility has replaced GPL Race Engineer becuase it can be used for both the 67 and 65 cars. It has a very useful display for the gearing with the RPM drop between gears. I have found this particularly useful to get the gearing ideal.

Dowload Here

View the RSC thread here

GPL Replay Analyser

This utility was designed by Jonas Matton and Martin Granberg.

Invaluable for many reasons other than setting up your cars, it has many features that can assist you but I shall deal with how I use it.

Download Here I have packaged the History file and Read Me file with the analyser

The GPL Replay Analyser web site is here. It contains a wealth of information and is well worth a visit.